Hello :) My name is Jennifer Tierney. My full name is Jennifer -Jeanne- Tierney. I am a women's wear designer, entrepreneur, and formerly a professional ballet dancer. I was named after my French Grandmother who was one of the most adventurous, delightful, intelligent and kind women I would ever meet. She passed away when I was only 11yrs old but she had already made an incredible impact on my life. She was constantly traveling and bringing me tokens from every corner of the world. She designed and made several very elaborate and important occasion dresses for me. She even brought me to my very first ever ballet. My grandma somehow planted every seed of inspiration I find in myself. When I was a professional dancer, right before I would enter the wings, I would close my eyes and ask my grandmother to watch me from her cloud. “Nuage” translates to 'Cloud' in French. Well Grandma Jeanne I hope you are still watching. This one is for you.

Jeanne Nuage is a womenswear lifestyle brand. We believe that women deserve to feel fashionable, feminine, and unrestricted everyday. Women are superheroes. This is the brand built to keep up.