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Top 5 Summer 2020 Activities

Top 5 Summer 2020 Activities

It's Summer 2020! So whatcha gonna do?? Oy.....We really had to think about it as well ;p After a Spring we've never known and could never have predicted, now what? Our Jeanne Nuage Team decided it was time to rethink the possibilities and get a bit creative. The world seems to be reopening soon and while we are super crazy excited to get back to ALL THE THINGS, we've made a list that can happen regardless. Let's find the source of our joy and connect with it on a real level. Here is our Top 5 List of Summer 2020 ideas that can happen in your own space.

#5. Curl up in a cozy corner inside or catch some Vitamin D in a hammock (look at you multitasker ;p) with your favorite genre. Reading awakens your brain and imagination; bringing the world to a new light. It helps our abilities as communicators and allows us to escape.

#4. Sunrise....Sunset. Nature is rather beautiful and refuses to stop being breath taking. The sun rises and sets every single day. How many times have we stopped to take notice?  Fully enjoy your backyard or balcony oasis during one of the most glorious moments of the day. In fact, make it a theme for the week. Everyday. One hour. Just you, and the sun.

#3. Campout Movie Night. Time to pull out that camping gear and s'mores or just find a spot on the patio with the ol' laptop to watch your favorite movie. Get fancy with a projector and a fire pit or just keep it simple. Don't forget the popcorn and's SO all about the snacks!

#2. Socially Distanced Garden Party. Complete with picnic baskets, blankets, and oversized sun hats, your Socially Distanced Garden Party can grace the nearest park or happen right in your own backyard. Enjoy some sunshine, tunes and frens-time ranging from low key to high glam. Do all the planning 21st century style (through text/email etc) But then surprise your friends with an invite via snail mail. Getting mail is SO MUCH FUN! Day of, everyone can bring their own favorite takeout (supporting small businesses!) :D and join you in a beautiful wide open space. Place a table in the center of the space for a help-yourself bar of available picnic cocktails and voila! 

#1. Remember kindness. Please do remember to be kind this Summer. This can happen anywhere and anytime. Remember to check in with your friends and family. Be sympathetic to local businesses and workers. Show grace to those who are making it through this Summer differently than you. Get creative in showing your support and love to everything and everyone important in your life. But most of all, remember to be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. As our days are getting warmer and sunnier, turn your face to the light, take a deep breath in and out and do your best to be present.



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