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Cozy Sweater January!

Cozy Sweater January!

A timeless fashion staple, oversized sweaters provide a level of classic coziness unmatched by any collegiate crewneck. Their ability to transition from casual wear to formal wear provides a level of versatility not common in the world of comfy clothing. A multitude of variations on the classic sweater has been circulating this season, presenting a challenge to those looking to invest in this closet staple. Although the task of choosing the perfect sweater may seem daunting, I assure you, there is a sweater for every occasion. 

The Puff Sleeve

A newer trend dominating the sweater scene; sweaters with “balloon” or puff sleeves. The biggest benefit of this sweater variation is it’s versatility. A cozy and warm alternative to the classic blouse, the balloon sweater can be both casual and formal. The added material around the sleeves provides a little more character to an otherwise basic piece, appealing to those situations when one may want their outfit to feel a bit more “put together” while remaining effortless. If your intent is to be comfortably chic, then this is the sweater for you. 

Argyle Everywhere

Yet another trend resurrected this year from the 90s, argyle sweaters have made a strong comeback. Their endless variations in color, style, shape, and pattern make them the ideal sweater to tie together any casual outfit. The patterning of these sweaters is also a perfect blend between trendy and vintage, making them the perfect addition to any modern day wardrobe. If you are feeling extra ambitious, oversized argyle sweater vests have also been circulating the street fashion scene. 

The Turtleneck 

Turtlenecks have been around for centuries and are still a vital basic to any wardrobe. The newly popular, oversized, chunky-knit, turtleneck is one trend which will likely be in vogue for many years to come. It’s the epitome of classic comfort with a modern twist. Turtlenecks can be both a basic layer to an outrageous outfit or the statement piece in a basic outfit. They also keep your neck warm and honestly, what's better than that?

The Boyfriend Sweater

Your basic oversized sweater, the boyfriend cut is perfect for a day out or a night in. It pairs with all forms of leg wear, whether that be leggings, jeans, skirts, or even popular business trousers. This sweater can be found in every type of color, pattern, and cut imaginable, and is another closet essential. 

Maureen Borberg January 2021 Editorial Jeanne Nuage


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