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Navigating the Runway and School During COVID!

Navigating the Runway and School During COVID!

Hey there Jeanne Nuage babes, 2021 has been one doozy of a year and we are so thankful for your continued support throughout these interesting times. When the COVID pandemic began in 2019 many businesses and schools faced a lot of changes and challenges including the JN team. Some businesses and educational programs were forced to close, leaving many without jobs or transitioning to working from home. Even though it is now 2 years later and COVID is still present, slowly we can experience some of our normal activities like going back to school, work, and out with friends.

Throughout the pandemic, the Jeanne Nuage train has still been going! We have been working hard to create comfy, fashionable, and affordable pieces that are perfect for our new normal, which may include working or schooling from home! As we start to go back to our pre-covid routines we love seeing our amazing customers and models in their Jeanne Nuage pieces.


We are so thrilled that live audience fashion shows have also returned, and we can showcase our gorgeous designs in person. If you’ve missed out on seeing Jeanne Nuage in the past don’t worry! Our amazing JN models will be strutting down Kansas City Fashion Week’s runway on Friday, September 24th at 7:30 P.M. and it’s not too late to grab a ticket!

Our upcoming show is only weeks away and we had the opportunity to chat with one of our KCFW models about returning to high school post-pandemic, and her love for fashion.


Our featured model, Lauren Claar is a rising high school Sophomore with a love for any and everything related to music and fashion. Before COVID, some of Lauren’s favorite activities included hanging out with her friends and playing the drums with her school's marching band. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, like many students, Lauren transitioned to homeschooling and her daily schedule has drastically changed. Throughout the pandemic, Lauren was happy that she could continue with one of her passions, modeling!


Now you might be thinking how did Lauren get into the modeling scene? Well, she started her modeling career at age 8 with encouragement from her mom (Jennifer Claar), who is a well-known and respected model! Once Lauren began, she quickly realized how much she enjoyed being on the stage and engaging with various designers and models. Lauren is now a veteran model at KCFW and loves being on the runway whenever she can!

Lauren expressed how she feels her best when sporting alternative, indy, and comfy clothing and how extremely excited she is to be hitting the runway with Jeanne Nuage and returning to school, to showcase her style.

We can't wait to see all of you babes at our KCFW show, you don't want to miss our new collection! :)




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